Opening of the APAC of Araxá City

It was opened today, 22nd January 2016, the Social Reintegration Center of the APAC of the city called Araxá, situated in Minas Gerais, Brazilian State, which has 7700 meters of building area and capacity for hosting up to 120 recuperandos in the closed regime, semi open regime and open regime.

The structure has 17 cells, kitchen, library, bakery, vegetable garden, classrooms and vocational courses.

Dr. Mario Ottoboni always said that APAC is the work of God and will grow because God is at the forefront of this work. As God told the people of Israel: "I heard the cry of the enslaved people and decided to release him", God heard the cry of so many prisoners, men and women, without dignity, and decided to help them, to have a serving sentence with dignity and get all possible conditions to leave the crime and become citizens.

The FBAC wish that this APAC of Araxá may grow and fulfill its mission, that is helping the convicted ones to return to their families and to the society, fully recovered.

We are together!

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