Recuperandos of the male APAC perform a bakery course

The APAC of Itauna/MG, in partnership with the Institute Minas pela Paz, held in the entity the course of baking. Classes began on January 19 and end on February 18, being held in two times, morning and afternoon .

The course taught by instructor of bakery and confectionery, Michelle Cardoso, aims to teach students all stages of production of various recipes to the final product, such as pizza, bread, biscuits, filled rolls, among others, as well as qualified them for the labor market.

Altogether 18 recuperandos are conducting the course, namely: Antônio Mendes Fontoura,  Alisson de Andreade Ribeiro, João de Lana Carmo Costa,  Suender Saymon de Oliveira,  Maicon de Souza, Everton Deliano da Silva  Fraga, Wilker Ronald da Silva, Clênio Antunes Vilaça,  Carlos Roberto de Oliveira,  Anderson Lúcio da Costa,  Waldemar Caetano Júnior, Marcelo Soares de Oliveira,  Weslei Gomes Delfino, Edson Marinho Pereira,  Rodnei Aparecido Silva,  Geovani Pinto Alves,  Paulo Henrique Fagundes de Souza, Márcio Henrique Marques.

The closing ceremony will be held on February 18 at the organization's headquarters, where the recuperandos will receive a certificate of course completion.

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