FBAC begins construction of Headquarters and CIEMA

FBAC has begun construction of Headquarters and the International APAC Method Study Center. This is a work of all of us. Get Involved! Follow us! We are together!

158 attend the Libertation Journey with Christ

The APAC of Frutal, located in the brasilian state called Minas Gerais, held from 23 to 26 June the Second Jorney of Liberation with Christ.

With the theme "As long as the person lives, the person can change," the journey was very exciting and fruitful. It called the attention during the journey the discipline of the recuperandos, attention and active participation in groups. Noteworthy is the dedication of all staff and volunteers.

Throughout the day several groups of various churches were interceding for the recuperandos in the chapel. This ecumenical experience is a great sign of love and forgiveness of God.

FBAC thank the direction of this APAC and make themselves available to contribute whenever necessary. We are together!

Tio Flávio Cultural visit the APAC of Pouso Alegre City


Invited by APAC of Pouso Alegre, Tio Flávio Cultural project was in Pouso Alegre city to hold the lecture "Dream and Make" to rehabilitees of closed and also the semi-open regimes. It was a morning of much reflection, laughter and interaction, since the lecture requires the participation of all involved.
This is another action in partnership with FBAC, SENAC -MG, Institute Minas for Peace and Tio FlávioCultural​​. The FBAC thanks for all the hard work and dedication. We are together!

Meeting for family and methodology inspectors in Maranhão

The FBAC, through Marcelo and Simone, organized in the brazilian state called Maranhão the Week of family and meeting fot the methodology inspectors. It was very precious moments to improve the knowledgement of APAC's methodology and sharing experiences. We are together!

Visit from the city of Canoas, RS

FBAC received, on 31st March,  two people from the city of Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul (RS), brazilian state.

Mr. Mauro is a board member of APAC directory and Mr. Jaime is an architect of the Public Prosecutor of the RS.

The purpose of the visit was to know better the methodology as well as the standard architectural design for APAC Reintegration Center (CRS) Building, as they will start the CRS construction of the Canoas APAC.

Mr. Mauro said to the recuperandos of the Closed Regime of Itaúna´s APAC Itauna: "In Rio Grande do Sul we have one of the largest prison of Brazil and the presence of many factions. We want very much to build the CRS APAC and start getting recuperandos in it. This will be the first APAC without police. I believe in APAC and the recovery of the human being. Certainly doors will open for many other APACs in RS."

FBAC is very happy with this visit and make themselves available to help in whatever will be needed. We are together!

APAC of the City of Canoas/RS did big steps

On March 03, Jairo Jorge Mayor of the city of Canoas, wich is on Brasilian state called Rio Grande do Sul, together with Dr Gilmar Bortolotto, Dep. Jeferson Fernandes and other officials, held the ceremony of giving the land use in the district of Guajuviras, for the construction of the Social Recovery Center (CRS) in the city.


Was arranged the surveying of the land, the transfer object, so that, with the support of the Public Ministry architecture industry, we can make progress in the design and drafting of agreements with a view to obtaining funds for construction.


It took place an audience with Dr Marcelo Dorneles, Attorney General of Justice of the Public ministry of RS and other authorities like Mrs. Marli Ane Stock. Dr. Gilberto Schäfer and Dr. Vera Deboni, enabling us to deepen our relations and prospects for partnerships.  


For the next few days, meeting with canoense community will be carried out in order to inform the local community about the project. The meeting will take place on 22/03 and will be attended by Dr. White Bernardi, Law Judge of the District of the city of Barracão, that is localized in the Brasilian state called Paraná, who will share about their specience of APAC´s implementation.


FBAC received this news with great joy and make themselves available to contribute to the building of this new APAC. We are together!

Foto: Facebook

Meeting for APAC's administrators

FBAC is organizing, on 14 and 15 March, in the city of São João del Rei, Minas Gerais, Brazilian state, a course for directors of APAC. The course aims to discuss the issue of recidivism, setting goals and strategies to further enhance the performance of APAC. The meeting is also being broadcast online for those who could not be present. We ask all to pray for us. We are together!


APAC performs painting project

Through a partnership between the APAC of São João del Rei and Coral company network RE Paints stores, the recuperandos painted, ​​voluntarily, the College of Our Lady of Sorrows, responding to the request of the director José Raimundo de Oliveira Avila.

After having carried out the painting course, the recuperandos put into practice the project "All Color For You", which was done for the first time in the city.

The project encourages the sense of zeal and appreciation of the place where one lives, proving that the colors actually have the power to change the environment and people. On February 20 it was held the inauguration of the new painting of Our Lady of Sorrows School, with participation of the President of APAC, employees and recuperandos, among other authorities.


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