Great Christmas gift

FBAC thanks the Executive and Legislative powers of Itaúna City, for the presentation and approval of the Law nº 62, of 2nd December 2015, writen by the Mayor Mr. Osmando, who authorized the concession of the right of municipal property use, for ten years, to FBAC - Brasilian Fraternity of Assistence to the Convicts. This property will be used for the construction of CIEMA - International Centre for Studies of APAC Method.

During the hearing at City Hall, Valdeci Ferreira , CEO of FBAC, explained to the present the historic of the request and the intention of FBAC for the near future. He thanks all asking them to appreciate positively the request: "Since now, we wait your colaboration and comprehension for this noble cause, asking the noble aldermen a rapid and good apreciation of the present process."

The project was approved by councilors unanimously. All aldermen spoke with words of thanks and encouragement, citing the names of Valdeci, Dr. Paul, Rinaldo, Rachel, Ligia, volunteers and staff of FBAC and APAC.

At the end of this year of 2015, FBAC thanks God for this great Christmas gift. Now it is time to unite our strengh, so that we can togeter, make the dream of building a International Centre for Studies of APAC Method, a reality.

All are invited to participate at the Celebration which will take place on 20th March 2016, for the blessing of the foundation stone of the CIEMA.


Activities in the Pirapora City APAC

The Pirapora City APAC finished the month of December full of activities. The general feeling is of thanksfulnes to God who is followed and helped them very much. 

On 17th december it took place the closing ceremony of the Mechanic Course Sewing Machine Maintenance, accomplished by SESI/SENAI/FIEMG e MINAS PELA PAZ. On 17th december it took place the openning class of the Painter Course ministered by Pronatec. Four recuprandos concluded their High School and they have the formation Ceremony in this date. They were certificated by the School called "Escola Estadual Argelce Mota". At the end of the month the comemoration of Christmas took place on 20th December. 






Dr. Paulo Antonio de Carvalho, Judge of Itaúna Town, in Minas Gerais State, Brazil, and Dr. Valdeci Antônio Ferreira, who is the Executive Director of FBAC, took place at the IV International Seminary in Trujillo, Peru, with the theme “Restorative Justice, secure way for pacific living and the APAC Method, humanization of the prison.”


The aim of the seminary was to enhance the observance of the human rights with the restorative focus and promotion of the process of humanization and rehabilitation in the prisons.


The seminary received many authorities, lawyers, representatives of the prison pastoral, congressmen and public workers.

Dr. Paulo and Valdeci explained about the beginning of the APAC methodology, its expansion and repercussion in Brazil and in the world, its finality and the restorative justice as a new paradigm of social inclusion. Valdeci also gave details about the steps for the process concerning the implementation of one APAC prison.


Certainly, the experience of the APACs in Brazil will inspire many other countries so that the can start this methodology, which is not ready and finished, but it has showed itself as efficient, either for the humanization of the penalty and rehabilitation of the convicted, either for the protection of society or help to the victims. 

The FBAC participated of this international event with humility, without the pretention of been owner of the solution for all prison problems, but with a lot of hope that all countries will humanize their prisons and incentive the human rights of everyone.

New EU support to Brazilian alternative prisons

A change of scale for the APAC method, the alternative prison system aimed at improving living conditions of convicts. After the success of 42 centers in Minas Gerais, a new project will extend it to three other Brazilian States. The experience was also presented at the first Brazilian Business and Human Rights Seminar. 
Fonte: AVSI

European Congress Commission visited the APAC of “Santa Luzia” Town

On 4th November 2015 the APAC of “Santa Luzia” Town received the European Comission composed by the Congressman Paulo Rangel (Delegation president of Relationship with the Brazilian Republic); Congressman Antonio Marinho e Pinto (First vice-president of the delegation for Relationship with the Brazilian Republic); Congressman Carlos Zorrinho (second vice president of the delegation for Relationship with the Brazilian Republic); Congresswoman Ines Cristina Zuber, and other workers of the delegation in Brazil and in the European Union.


A Brazilian Congressman called Durval Ângelo, who is a member of the FBAC directorship and the leader of the government in the Congress of Minas Gerais State, welcomed the European congressman and women, saying: “I started my public life in the Small Christian Communities, in the Commission of the Land, called CPT, and the fight for human rights. APAC is a concrete alternative for the restoration of the human rights and serving the sentence with dignity. There is in our days an industry of the prisoners, witch spread terror and fear, forcing some Brazilian States to do special laws in order to benefit them. This industry is growing very much. The APAC is different of all this. APAC is not an idea of somebody lightened. Who build APAC are the prisoners, called “Recuperandos”, means Recovering Person. Between rights and wrongs the APAC prison is growing and offering to the recuperandos a new life, together with their families, friends and neighbors. The local government is committed with the maintenance and extension of the APAC. We welcome you all and are happy to offer this system to the world. If it went well here, certainly it will do well in other places also.”


The Portuguese Congressman, Sr. Paulo RANGEL, explained the objective of the visit.


“We are looking for a health relationship between the European Union and Brazil. We do not want only an economical and commercial relationship, but a politic, humanitarian, social and cultural relationship. Our objective to visit APAC prison is to know it better, so that we can help it and show it in Europe. I am very impressed with what I am seeing. Surely we are going to share this experience of Social Innovation, which can be extended also in Europe. We realize that there are many humanitarian problems in the traditional prison, generating enormous relapsed in the crime. If there is this experience which prevents relapsing, recover the person and contribute for the society, we should support it. I am convinced about this system and its advantages.”


At the end of the visit, one time more, Mr. Rangel said to the recuperandos: “We are very moved by the APAC and for building citizens for the society. We are sure that the support the European Union gives to the project will be well used. We see a big effort for the recuperation to take place and for people to go back to their families, differently of what we have seeing in many prison systems in other countries which insists in disrespect the human rights. I leave you a word of courage to continue, so that very soon, in freedom, you may give your testimony to your community so that they can believe and support APAC. I can see here with my eyes and listen with my ears. With you we can learn that we can change the world we live in. For us it is very comforting to know that the support we give you, also if we are 8 km far from you, it is used to form citizens and good man for the Brazilian society.”

Valdeci Ferreira, who is the executive president of FBAC, concluded the visit saying to the Congressman, Congresswoman and other visits: “The APAC prison is not a finished system. It has been built for almost 43 years. It is a system which works well because it respect the prisoners, valorize them, form them and prepare them for their return to the society. We thank all our partners. Together we are going to revolutionize the world system prison. What was never taught in the past, in our simplicity we are doing, building prisons without guns, without mistreatment, without violence, without police, without drugs, without cell phones. I have no doubt that this new century will be marked by the experience of APAC. We have the boldness of opening the prison doors of the entire world. If we look at the past, we realize that we have done a lot, but if we look at the future, we can see that we have not done the first step yet. In this sense your visit fills us with hope, because we sent you a project. Today the bigger challenge of FBAC is giving assistance to the APACs outside Brazil. The bigger hope is that, receiving you visit, by God´s will, our project may be approved so that we can continue our mission of opening the doors of the entire world prison.”


Some days after the visit of the European Commission, FBAC received the news that the Project was approved. FBAC thanks everybody who believes this work and helps it, in so many different ways.

Graduation of the Recuperandos of the APAC of Sete Lagoas

The APAC of the city of Sete Lagoas received the Mobile Mechanics course, result of the partnership between FBAC, Minas pela Paz, FIAT and the ISVOR/FIAT. The course with the duration of a month will go in all APACs of the Estate of Minas Gerais, and it has started in Sete Lagoas.

On 25th September it was celebrated the graduation of the first group of recuperandos. The cerimony was attended by many authorities, like Dr. Evandro, Dr. Ronaldo João, Dr. Flávio, Dr. Rodrigo Eneas Alesandro, Marcia Naves and Instrutor Moacir.

The happiness of the recuperandos was very big. It was possible do perceive that this course help not only to profissionalize the recuperandos, but also to make their self esteem to grow. When they received their diplomas in front of the voluntiers and their families it was exceting, and surely, it has marked their lifes. FBAC thanks their partners for this initiative and wishes to the recuperandos strength for their way, hopping that this will be just one of many victories.


Photo posted in facebook da APAC de Sete Lagoas by Pastora Eliana Barbosa

Course of manicure in the APAC Feminina of São João del Rei

FBAC thanks the "Instituto Minas pela Paz" which organized together with the school SESI/SENAI some courses in the female APAC of the city of São João Del Rei. Last July 24 recuperandas took sit in the course for hairdressers and in the past August about 32 recuperandas participated of the course for manicure. The recuperandas were very happy. They said that the course would help them in order do have a profession. Some of them didn´t know how to paint the fingernails, but they became artists during the course. Next November there will be other course for Designer eyebrows. We are together!



Fotos de Fufa dos Santos

Government of Minas Gerais takes commitment for expanding the APAC Method

The Secretary of State for Social Defense, Bernardo Santana, said last Monday, 21st September, that the government of Minas Gerais State, Brasil, will invest in the ampliation of the Social Reintegration Centres whice follow the Method of the APAC´s (Association of Protection of the Convicted). The manifestation of this commitment was during his speach in the course for judges about Method APAC, that was organized by the Justice Courte of Minas Gerais and the Brasilian Fraternity of Assistency to the Convicted (FBAC), in the city of Itaúna.

"It is impossible not to see that the actual penitenciary system need to be changed. It is not enough to apply the sentence. We should change the comportament of the ones jailed. The APAC, without demerit of other methodologies, is something we should invest in, and make it to grow. It is one of the ways to face the dificulties and pains of the penitenciary system." Said Bernardo Santana.

The founder of the APAC Méthod, Mário Ottoboni, a man of 84 years old, came from the city of São José dos Campos/SP, where he lives, in order to honor the course. He took place in the conferency of the Secretary Bernardo Santana and said highlighted the importancy of the course to convince the judges about the qualities of the Méthod.

Photo: Oswaldo Afonso

Source: Secretaria de Estado de Defesa Social

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