How to create an APAC

Generally, the following steps to start an APAC installation process are needed:

1) Conduct a public hearing in the city;
2) Legal establishment of APAC;
3) Visit to APAC Itaúna / MG or other nearest APAC which is functioning.
4) Conduct a Seminar of Studies about APAC Method for community;
5) Organize a volunteer staff;
6) Physical structure of APAC, construction of the Social Reintegration Center (CRS);
7) Formation of partnerships;
8) Implementation of the Training Course for Social Educators (employees and volunteers) (long term - 4 months) ;
9) Internship of recuperandos;
10) Training for employees in other consolidated APAC;
11) Signing of costing with SEDS (State Secretariat of Social Defense) ;
12) Open CRS (Social Reintegration Center) and transfer of recuperandos;
13) Constitution of the Council of Sincerity and Solidarity (CSS), formed by recuperandos;
14) Realization of the Course of Knowledge about APAC Method and the Journey of Liberation Days with Christ;
15) Development of human valorization lessons continuously, spirituality, drug prevention, as well as meetings cells coordinate by volunteers;
16) Participation in annual events sponsored by Novos Rumos Project and FBAC, in order to capacitate people for expanding APAC Method;
17) Establish communication with FBAC and Novos Rumos Project Coordination (TJMG – Court of Justice of Minas Gerais);
18) Realization of new public hearings, seminars or training courses for volunteers;

What is APAC?


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