APAC received visitors from Southern Corea

The APACs received three visitors from Southern Corea. Dong Sub - General Director of the Somang Prision, Mooel Kim – Education and Edification Director, David Lyon – Relation Public and International cooperation Director and the interpreter Nelson Hong, who is corean but is living Brasil for some years. 

Sir Dong Sub said that he is impressed by the peace and serenity he saw in the APACs. According to him, the experience of the APACs in Brasil will contribute a lot to make their prision much better, specialy were he is the director.

The FBAC is happy to know that there is a prision in Southern Corea that got inspiration from the Brasilian APAC. FBAC reafirms that this work is from God, and wish that the APAC may continues inspiring other people to look for concrete alternatives for the recuperations of the ones who desire it.

May the blessing they received from the recuperandos cross the oceans and take hope to the asian continent. We ask God to bless them, protect and stay in their hearts.




FBAC participated of the course for judges of criminal execution

FBAC participated of the course organized by the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais - TJMG with the subject "Method APAC for judges". Judges from many districts of the Estate of Minas Gerais attended the course, in the district of the City of Itaúna. The course was organized and coordinated by the School of the courte called "Escola Judicial Desembargador Edésio Fernandes (Ejef)." The aim of the course was to offer the judges the possibility of knowing the Method APAC. 

Doctor Mário Ottoboni, who is the creator APAC´s Method took place on the course. In his conference he said that APAC is a God´s work, that APAC will grow and the judges work is fundamental for the aplication of the APAC´s methodology.

Valdeci Ferreira, executive director of the FBAC, participated on the last day of the course as a conferencist. He presented the subject "The vision of FBAC and the necessity of harmony in the selective process of the convicted."

FBAC believes that this iniciative of TJMG was very good because it allows the judges do meet, to discuss important matters pertinent to the criminal execution, and also it creates a space to deepen the APAC´s Methodology.

Dr. Mário ottoboni met with FBAC

On 21th September, Dr. Mário Ottoboni met the FBAC staff and he manifested his joy to stay in FBAC office. Dr. Mário invited all to keep hope, afirmating that the APAC is a God´s work and, for ther reason, is will grow much more. He was emphatic and reaffirmed many times that all work for God, that God will provide all APAC needs, that dificulties will come, that the hope is what nourishes the workers of God so that they may not lose heart during the journey. Fbac thanks Dr. Mário Ottoboni for his wise words and his exemple of life and wish that the God of Live may bless him and his entire family.

Recuperandos Receive the Sacrament of Confirmation

Several recuperandos received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the APAC of the city of Paracatu. Monsignor Jorge Alves Bezerra, Bishop of the Diocese of Paracatu,  explained to the recuperandos that they received the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives to live better, doing well, giving testimony of the love of God with their lives.

The FBAC thank the Confirmation Catechists who prepared the recuperandos for this moment and congratulate the recuperandos who were confirmed, wishing that they can be messengers of God in order to help their fellow recuperandos and to build the Kingdom of God, inside the APAC, in his families, and in the whole world. May God bless all!



The APAC of Pedreiras - Maranhão will realise the Week of the RECUPERANDOS from 14 to 18 September. It will be an intense week of prayer, activities, leisure and living together, between recuperandos, volunteers and workers. FBAC accompanies this activity with the prayer and the wish that all may go on well. We are together!


One year more with so many dificulties!

84 years of life, and from these, more then 43 were dedicated to the convicted cause. He created the APAC Methodology in order to reach our brothers and sisters abandoned in prisons, and give to them, by this divine work the possibility to leave crime and other addictions so that they can become good men and women.


There are incontable people who were helped and agraciated by the APAC work, which God has inspired Dr. Mario, so that many people ca see the light at the end of the tunel.


Between millions of recuperandos, families, voluntiers and the society in general, only God know the exact number of hearts reached by the human prision that was created by Dr. Mário. This prision looks like a school, or church, or hospital, os welcoming plane, but it does not look as a prision, because it is a place were there are flowers, smiles, songs, enbraces, welcoming, discipline with love, fraternity and peace. It is a Knowing place and changing place. It is not a punishment place or hell place as it is in the comon prision system, unfortunately in Brasil and in the world.


Thanks Dr. Mario Ottoboni for all you has done for the recuperandos and ex-recuperandos, and all of us! In the name of all people working in the Cristian Work called APAC, the FBAC congratuled you telling you that we Love You our brother and big father. May God be with you. May your child heart will continue bringing happiness and peace to all of us!!!


APAC Of Teófilo Otoni does the launching of the Program The Trip of the Prisoner

The last Saturday, 29 of August, the APAC of Teófilo Otoni spread the Program for all the recuperandos and his familiar, workers and volunteers.

More than 23 people adhered to the proposal and will do this Trip already the following week of the outreach event, through the facilitadores Bruno Lopes and Jeferson Brandão.

May God enlighten all the Travellers and the APAC of Teófilo Otoni! We are Together!

More than 23 people adhered to the proposal and will do this Trip already the following week of the outreach event, through the facilitadores Bruno Lopes and Jeferson Brandão.

FBAC realises on-line meeting with Presidents of APACs

It was realised in the night of this Monday (31/08/2015) the first meeting online between the FBAC and the presidents of the APACs affiliated to the entity. The meeting was chaired by the Executive Director of the FBAC, Valdeci Antônio Ferreira.

In the opportunity many subjects of big importance were debated. Between them stands out : "The occupation of vacancies in the APACs, Celebration of new agreements with new APACs, Operational planning of Activities of the FBAC - 2015, Meeting of Judges in Itaúna, Project "Costurando Sonhos", Program The Trip of the Prisoner, On-line Course for new workers, VIII National Congress of the APACs, Succession FBAC, etc.

It is emphasized the big importance of this evento, because it made possible to establish contact with diverse presidents of many APACs, including APACs of the State of Maranhão and of the State of Rio Grande do Norte.

The FBAC self-evident his gratitud and joy for the participation in the meeting of the folowing APACs: Santa Maria do Suaçuí, Santa Bárbara, Canápolis, Paracatu, Itaúna (Feminina), Itaúna (Masculina), Rio Piracicaba, Teófilo Otoni, Manhuaçu, Alfenas, Pirapora, Frutal, Conselheiro Lafaiete, Minas Novas, Campo Belo, Imperatriz-MA, Perdões, Uberlândia, Nova Lima, Viçosa, Inhapim, Januária, Ituiutaba e Macau-RN.

The FBAC expects that in the next meeting the APACs absent can also form part of this big moment of interaction and sharing of the mission APAC.

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